The 2nd 1703 Art Fair finished in St. Petersburg

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On June 18, 2023, the second St. Petersburg Art Fair 1703, initiated by PJSC Gazprom and organized with the support of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, ended in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. 36 galleries from Istanbul, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kaluga presented more than 1.5 thousand works of contemporary art, which were able to see more than 15 thousand visitors.

The fair was held from 14 to 18 June and united at the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh" one and a half times more participants compared to the debut season. All current forms and formats of art practices were presented at the galleries' stands: from generative art and digital installations to sculpture and photography. The guests of honor at the fair were Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, and Boris Piotrovsky, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg.

In the second season of the fair, for the first time, a foreign gallery, Istanbul's Ambidexter, participated, presenting the work of its leading authors. Also this year, Lumiere Gallery, Krokin Gallery, Pogodina Gallery, Pro Art`s Gallery, Grabar Gallery, MYTH Gallery, MAISON25, VS Gallery, Pop up Gallery, NAMEGALLERY, ARTZIP, MART Gallery, Arts Square Gallery, Edition 1/1, 3L STORE, CHAMBER, 573 Gallery, PENNLAB Gallery.

Triumph gallery, Marina Gisich Gallery, a-s-t-r-a gallery, CultProject, FINEART GALLERY, E.K. ArtBureau, Béton Visual Culture Center, ART&BRUT Gallery, Generative Gallery, Masters Digital Gallery, FUTURO Gallery, ASKERI GALLERY, ARTSTORY Gallery, 11.12 GALLERY, K2 studio, Third Place NFT, Coat Gallery.

During the six days of the fair "1703" - taking into account a special preview for collectors - the galleries sold more than 150 works. The price range of works is from 1 thousand to 13.8 million rubles. The top most expensive works bought during the fair included "At the Bottom" by Grigory Maiofis (Marina Gisich Gallery, 2023), "Lenticular from the Summer Garden" series by Olga Tobreluts (Pogodina Gallery, 2018) and the triptych "Silence" by Marianna Makarova (Circulation 1/1, 2023).

The exposition was complemented by non-commercial exhibition projects "City" from the corporate collection of Gazprombank and "Leningrad Landscape School" from the collection of the St. Petersburg KGallery. The special project of KGallery was dedicated to the artists of the Leningrad landscape school Alexander Vedernikov, Nikolai Lapshin, Vyacheslav Pakulin and other authors who created their own image of the city. Photographs by Timofey Parshchikov and Mikhail Rozanov were selected from Gazprombank's corporate collection, as well as works by Ivan Chuikov, in which city views and their individual fragments became material for complex visual reflections.

An important part of the fair was the cultural and educational lecture hall, organized jointly with the masters school. The program included discussions about the gallery business, new technologies in art, collection design, young art and education in the creative industry. The speakers were Polina Bondareva (masters), Marina Gisich (Marina Gisich Gallery), Polina Askeri (ASKERI GALLERY), Ivan Nefedkin (founder and creative director of the Radugadesign design studio), Evgenia Popova (Popov Foundation), Alina Chereyskaya (SA lab), Ekaterina Sharova (Hermitage Media), Andrei Shelyutto (art director, designer, illustrator), Zera Chereshneva (director of strategic projects at VKontakte), etc.

All events of the lecture hall were broadcast in the 1703 group on VKontakte, the main social network of the project and the streaming service of the event. During the fair, 36 lectures, discussions and mediations were held, and the broadcasts of the lecture hall events in total gained more than 2.1 million views.

Guests and participants of the fair highly appreciated the experimental architectonics of the development. This year, art occupied not only the stands, but the entire space of the Manezh — the lecture hall in the form of a ziggurat became a fundamental art object. The entrance hall turned into a place of attraction, where one could comprehend what he saw, be alone with his thoughts and books about art.

Alisa Presnetsova, Managing Director of the 1703 Fair: “The 1703 Fair is a large-scale initiative by Gazprom aimed at systematic support of Russian contemporary art. Its importance today is difficult to overestimate. Thanks to such events, we confirm the status of the cultural capital, the project becomes an important element of urban culture, speaking of St. Petersburg as a modern art center. This initiative has brought together a dynamic team to create, together with the artistic community, a new platform for cultural exchange, without which it is impossible to move forward.”

Evgenia Serousova, founder of MAISON25: “Initiatives like these are extremely important for the development of the art industry. This is a unique opportunity to gather everyone at one point to form new communications and business meetings. And also a good opportunity to form a general idea of moder