The St. Petersburg Art Fair 1703 has been a regular event since 2022. The fair is hosted by PJSC Gazprom and endorsed by the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture.

A large-scale contemporary art fair was something that the cultural scene of St. Petersburg clearly lacked. It was not just a matter of living up to the city status of a cultural capital, but also a tribute to a long and proud tradition of private collecting.

In 2022, the first 1703 St. Petersburg Art Fair attracted many participants, bringing together key players of the Russian art market. More than two dozen galleries from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod presented a wide range of current trends in contemporary art and shared best practices in private art collecting.

1703 Art Fair received an enthusiastic welcome from the creative industry professionals and representatives of leading cultural institutions, and a warm support from the general public, guests and residents of the city - over 10,000 people attended the fair in four days.

In 2023 the fair is going to be featured again in the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum official cultural programme.

More than 30 galleries are coming to the second edition of 1703 Art Fair, bringing the works of both established and young artists to the show. The Manege Central Exhibition Hall will turn into a center for contemporary art in a broad range of shapes and forms from traditional painting and sculpture to installations and digital art. The highlight of the programme is a lecture hall, a platform for discussions and art mediations for visitors, brought in collaboration with the Masters School.

The 1703 Fair: inspired by the city