St. Petersburg Art Fair "1703" announces the opening of the annual lecture program

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March 23, 2023 will see the first event in a series of public lectures and discussions that will take place in St. Petersburg this spring in advance of the 2nd St. Petersburg Art Fair "1703."

Collector and patron of arts Evgeniya Popova will talk about how passion for art turns into an important part of your life, whether collecting can be a full-time occupation and how to make first steps in this endeavor. The event will mark the opening of the “1703” St. Petersburg Art Fair's annual lecture program, hosted by the organizers of the fair jointly with the Masters School team. This and the following events of the "1703" lecture program will be available free of charge to all visitors by preliminary registration.

A lecture by the curator of Dialogue of Arts Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MOMMA) and co-founder of the Popov Foundation, a nonprofit art foundation, will be held at the Masters School (17 Italianskaya Street) and will be broadcast on the fair's page at VK social network. The topic of Evgenia Popova's talk is "How to start collecting without fear", but it will also touch upon investment potential of art and how she cooperated with a museum when relaunching the "Dialogue of Arts" magazine.

The idea of the St. Petersburg Art Fair Annual Lecture Series is to draw attention to the topics of The purpose of the annual lecture program at the St. Petersburg Art Fair "1703" is to raise awareness about art and collecting, tell the story of art fairs and the role they play in the industry. The project’s focus is the phenomenon of young art, as well as its most relevant trends.

The "1703" lecture program will be held at various iconic venues of the vibrant St. Petersburg creative community. During lecture program of the fair "1703", participants will be able to listen to the leading experts in contemporary art and its markets who will talk about how to find a gem in the sea of contemporary artists, how the art industry lives and breathes today as well as the back-stage workings of fairs and biennales.