The phenomenon of collecting: 1703 invites you to a new event of the annual lecture program

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On October 26, the Central City Mayakovsky Public Library will host a meeting with Ekaterina Bychkova, a historian of art, fashion and design, a methodologist at the State Hermitage Museum and a collector. She will speak on the topic of "The phenomenon of collecting: from protomuseum to new media".

The new event of the 1703 annual lecture series reveals many facets of art collecting as an integral element of modern cultural life and the knowledge economy.

The guests of the lecture will learn about the phenomenon of collecting — its history, where it came from, main changes and key figures.

What makes people do it? How private collections turn into public exhibitions? The transformation of museums from a closed into a public space, and its contents from real to virtual — how did it happen?  

At the lecture, we will explore these questions, as well as the history of cabinets of rarities and how they invited people to learn about the world around them.

Date: October 26. Time: 19:00. Place: Central City Mayakovsky Public library (Fontanka Embankment, 44).

This and the subsequent events of the 1703 annual lecture series are available by pre-registration. Subject to availability.

The idea of the annual lecture program of the 1703 St. Petersburg Art Fair is to draw attention to the topics of contemporary art and collecting, to dive into the trends of the art industry and bring together art enthusiasts.

The new season of the 1703 annual lecture series will comprise three thematic blocks:

· The first one, in September-December 2023, is dedicated to the phenomenon of collecting from the ancient period to the modern times with an advance into the digital age. 

· In February-March 2024, a series of lectures will talk about the features, patterns and issues of the modern art market.  

· The central theme of the lecture series in April-May 2024 will be the contribution of art fairs to the development of modern visual culture.