Discussion "From Collections to Treasures: How Art Collecting Broadens Horizons"

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On May 30th, an invitation-only discussion organized by The Art Newspaper Russia and the 1703 St. Petersburg Art Fair was held at the In artibus Foundation. The talk was joined by Inna Bazhenova, president of In artibus Foundation and publisher of The Art Newspaper network; Marina Gisich, a gallery owner in Saint Petersburg; Denis Khimilyayne, collector and managing partner of Prime Advisory Group. Moderating the discussion was the director of the A.Rublev Museum of Fine Arts Mikhail Mindlin.

The participants brought up many aspects of collecting, and exemplified them by sharing their personal experiences. What lies in the root of collecting: love to art, rationality, passion towards a particular artist or a period in art history, a desire to pick and choose? What shall be a guiding principle to build a collection? Does it contribute to preserving cultural heritage?

Here you can see photos from our friendly meeting and we hope to continue interesting discussions in the walls of the In artibus Foundation.