1703 Art Fair announces a new season introducing an open call

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St. Petersburg once again will become the spotlight in early summer for contemporary art galleries, established and emerging artists, and art connoisseurs. The city will host the next edition of the 1703 Art Fair on 5-9 June 2024 at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. The call for applications was announced on January 17 and will continue through March 5.

Celebrating it’s 3rd season, 1703 will up the ante, increasing the admission of participants, expanding it’s core program, educational features and offering additional opportunities for collectors, attracting a broader audience.

We anticipate that 2024 will see a sharp growth in the number of galleries joining the 1703 Art Fair, since one of the top priorities of the new season is to reach out inviting  participants from all parts of Russia, and expanding abroad to facilitate cross-cultural exchange. Submissions are welcome from art galleries, artist associations, groups and platforms. One can apply here on the Fair website.

The 1703 Art Fair aims to provide comprehensive support to the artistic community and develop a grand-scale platform for dialogue in St. Petersburg, bringing together members of the art world and displaying works of contemporary arts from across the country. The terms of participation and the geographical focus of the project are  consistent with this aim. 1703 is an extraordinary Art Fair where the magic of matchmaking between art and collectors is  viable, while allowing members of the artistic community to engage with each other within a creative environment. This unique opportunity provides a platform for new cultural projects and collaborations. It is especially gratifying to observe when the Fair provides impetus for new regional and international initiatives. That is why we are looking forward to welcoming applications from galleries across the country and beyond,” said Alisa Presnetsova, Director of the St. Petersburg 1703 Art Fair.

In a strategic decision by the 1703 Art Fair founder Gazprom PAO, galleries can take part in the Fair's 3rd season free of charge, as in previous years, promoting a continued  development and expansion of the Russian art market.

Once the open call reaches the March 5, 2024 deadline, a panel of experts will review all the entries and select the final list of participants for the new season.

Promoting the values of equality and fairness, the Fair organizers design the exhibition booths’ dimensions equally in size and allocate them randomly, regardless of the gallery's experience or status.

Drawing from the lessons of 2023, including a successful art catalogue and with an anticipated increase of potential participants, we are formatting a new structure for the exhibition. For the convenience of its guests, the main program of the 3rd St. Petersburg 1703 Art Fair in 2024 will be broken down into four sections: The Core - embracing both seminal, long-established as well as young galleries presenting their proprietary spaces and fixed exhibition programs; The Algorithm - featuring galleries and platforms employing new media, NFT and digital art; The Project - bringing together displays with no permanent venue, alongside artist associations, groups and platforms; and The Material - incorporating galleries that explore the ways artists handle their materials, presenting collectible design items and three-dimensional art objects.

Upon submission, applicants can choose the appropriate section for their concept and gallery focus.

The 1703 Fair's main program – The Collections - is the traditional non-profit section exhibiting works from private, institutional and corporate collections, demonstrating a personal and diverse approach to building an art collection.

Building upon our commitment for excellence and with the successful production and exhibitions of Art Fairs in 2022 and 2023, The 1703 Art Fair's 3rd edition will continue to evolve, striving to become an exceptional international contemporary Art Fair   

From January to May 2024, eight public events of the year-round lecture program, launched in collaboration with the Masters school in September last year, will be staged at cultural venues of the city. During the days of the Fair, the most eventful part of the program will comprise dozens of lecture hall activities featuring the leading figures of the contemporary art scene in Manege. The 1703 Fair's educational agenda centers around the economics of the art market, art pricing, various collector's strategies and vibrant projects.

In the run-up to the assembly, the 1703 Fair team is planning a series of private meetings for collectors. There, seasoned connoisseurs of contemporary art will have an opportunity to discuss ongoing trends and industry news, share their experiences and make useful contacts.