The 1703 Art Fair invites to attend the second event of the annual lecture program

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The second talk in the series of lectures within the annual program of the 1703 fair, designed in cooperation with the Masters school, will unravel the topic of collecting digital art. During the event on April 26 at the Manege central exhibition hall, Evgenia Serousova will explore the value of digital art, why should you collect it and how to navigate in the complexity of new media.

A few decades ago, one could still wonder how something virtual and ephemeral could become a collectible. Nowadays more and more artists see NFT as an advanced tool for representing their ideas and a means to promote their work of art. As a result, new collections move to the spotlight, setting the scene for what it means to collect and invest in cultural values of the future.

Referencing galleries and fairs of contemporary art, Evgenia Serousova will explain how virtual reality, artificial intelligence, curious projections and exhibits in augmented reality have become collectibles. The expert will also talk to the audience on how to start collecting digital art and what needs to be taken into account as market trends and criteria.

When: April 26, 19:00. Where: the Central Exhibition Hall Manege (Isaakievskaya sq., 1).

This and all the subsequent events of the annual lecture program 1703 can be attended by pre-registration. Subject to availability.